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   Legal chassis are: BSRT G3/G3R/G3RS/G3RSB, Slottech T1/T2/T3, Wizzard Storm, Viper V1

1. The chassis must be stock, readily available, “HOPRA Approved” and cannot be machined, sanded or cut except to provide the following:

 a. Add, remove or re-add body mounts.

 b. Reinforce and/or replace pickup tabs.

 c. Add axle retainer.

2. All magnets shall remain in their stock location. No material or method may be used to restrict the movement of the magnets.

 a. Only “HOPRA Approved” Compression Molded Ceramic Grade polymer traction and motor magnets may be used, see SPEC STOCK CAR CLASS RULES for specific manufacturer part numbers.

b. The gauss reading taken in the center of the traction or motor magnet shall not exceed the following criteria. This is taken after 5 min cool down period and at the lowest point on each magnet as it runs parallel to the rail. Any reading above these figures will be cause for disqualification or rejection at tech.

TRACTION: 1680 gauss maximum

MOTOR: 1250 gauss maximum.

3. The guide pin can be a stock replacement. It may be glued in place but shall remain in any one of the stock positions.

4. The armature must be stock or a hot stock. The minimum ohmage allowed shall be 5.8.

5 .There are no restrictions on the armature bushings, or axles.

6. Gears ratio must be a 7-toothpinion with a 23-tooth crown gear. No metal gears allowed.

7. The front wheels, tires and axle maybe any readily available parts.

8. Rear tires shall be readily available solid silicon, rubber, or urethane replacement tires. Rear wheels may be readily available, double or single flanged replacement wheels.

9. Electrical systems shall be stock or stock replacement. Adjustable brush tension is allowed. Glued in brushes on spring arms are allowed. Plated parts are allowed. Shunt wires are not allowed. Electrical parts may be lightly sanded for cleaning purposes only.

10. The use of glue shall not be allowed on the chassis, magnets or bulkheads. Body mounts, guide pin and armature bushings may be glued into place.


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